Leeway Softech: Innovative Solution Improving Clients’ Performance and Reducing Security Risk

CIO Vendor Digitalization is influencing every aspect of business today, with the aim of fulfilling evolving consumer needs, Innovative technologies play a vital role in digitally transforming businesses today. Digital transformation is no longer just an add-on benefit, but a necessity for businesses to stay competitive in the current disruptive technology environment. To stay abreast of the latest technological innovations and enhancing the productivity, enterprises are heavily investing in digital technologies to transform the businesses. However, majority of the companies adopting digital technologies often fail to address operational issues and fall short of achieving the business objectives due to the lack of a comprehensive organizational strategy.

Significantly, Leeway Softech is a global provider of IT services and enterprise solutions, catering different technology platforms across various industry domains worldwide. The interactive behavior, focused client services & transparent business policy with the customers make the company famous as one of the best service providers in the industry.

With decades of industry experience, the company delivers a plethora of clientcentric software solutions that enable businesses to grab competitive benefits through flexible as well as nextgeneration global delivery models. Leeway Softech Was Established In 2010 to Provide Information Technology Solutions for Businesses, Bank and Industries. The company is offering Educational, Banking, Web Application Development, App Development, SEO, Database Administration, Hosting Services, Media Solution, Data Center, and Enterprise Cloud.

Also, the company offers different value-added services reliable campaign services (Bulk SMS, Picture SMS, Bulk Email), Cloud Telecom, Data Center
& Other Services. Banks must take an ‘outside-in, customer centric” view to help define and design new business priorities, optimize data management and this support is always provided by Leeway Softech.

Effective Technology Support and Managed Services Program
Moreover, Leeway Softech helps banking, capital markets, cards & payment companies evolve to digital enterprises through innovative solutions that improve business performance, reduce compliance risk and enable them to stay competitive in the new economy. The company aids plenty of big communication houses, media companies and technology organizations to boost the revenue and enhance business functionalities by linking with a number of customers and wide-ranging services starting from the superior technical support to analytics that strengthens to deliver a cutting-edge experience to the customer base.

With the robust services, the company offers smooth connectivity across on-premise as well as cloud apps. IT plays an increasingly important role in the management of complex retail operations. The practice combines high-impact service offerings to boost the competitiveness of the clients with deep insight into the sector dynamics.

The main aim of Leeway Softech is to deliver the best of services that too in an affordable way to the customer base. The company offers Corporate Identity Design Services, Affordable Offshore Website Design, E-commerce Web Design. Work culture of the organization is very friendly for employees. Working hours are totally flexible and yearly promotions are been provided. Incentives are given to the deserving employee according to their work performance.

The company provides structured HR policy for everyone. Our vision is to become India’s premier technology solutions provider for banks and other sectors across India by leveraging on our technological prowess. “We have embraced new technologies and as we go on towards the future, we intend to exploit the full potential of new technologies to empower our clientele” concludes Tejas Jani.