Finacus Solutions: Trusted Partner for Competent Banking Solutions and Payment Systems

CIO Vendor Today, we live in the digital age in which technology is driving innovation in almost every industry. Financial technology is among the fastest-growing areas in technology innovation. Finacus is primarily in digital banking payment for the past 6 to 7 years, starting from the mobile banking system which has now evolved in UPI. The organization has seen a ten-fold increase in online or digital transactions. Finacus being a digital platform provider has educated banks and helped them to promote digital transactions to their customers.

Finacus also has been working on products such as WhatsApp banking, Chatbot, Video KYC, which offer the customer to directly interact with their bank. With this evolving technology in banking today, Finacus has transformed traditional banking to digital banking to a huge extent. In the same view, the organization can say that banking will be completely digitized in the coming few years.

Finacus has continuously evolved as a brand. The organization's R&D department helps to always look ahead and predict future technologies. The organization has been launching new digital products regularly which have helped to position Finacus as a trusted banking technology provider. The organization's strength lies in the commitment, passion, integrity, industry knowledge and the ability to research new and emerging tools, technologies and practices that help keep the customers and Finacus abreast of the latest process trends and management systems required. "We believe our customers are our best teachers; hence listening to them is a very important part of our process," says Rahul Ayyappan, Head of Technology, Finacus.

Guides Customers with Appropriate Solutions
Finacus caters to the majority of SME banks. The organization's entire
suite of products complies with all the regulatory & cybersecurity norms. "We take up the role of a technology partner to these banks and we guide them with the appropriate solutions and business benefits to enable digital transformation." Rahul Ayyappan, Head of Technology, Finacus. Adhering to the compliances & other regulatory norms the organization strategizes separately for each customer.

Finacus runs with the market scenario and the organization is completely regulation-compliant. Finacus is an authorized service provider of NPCI. The organization has a dedicated team to handle risk management and cyber security. Overall with 13 years of experience in Banking Solutions, the organization’s portfolio includes more than 150 Banking & Financial institutions. Their services display a wide range of comprehensive solutions in the banking domain, a few of which are; transaction Switching, Mobile & Internet Banking, UPI, Bharat Bill Pay, eKYC & Video KYC solutions.

Round the Clock Support Team
Rahul heads a diverse team of technological experts, banking domain experts, market drivers and a round-the-clock client support team. The organization's technology team has a wide banking domain experience and expertise in software solution development. This enables Finacus to develop solutions that caters to the customer's requirement to the point. With banking being a major economic contributor, the organization's customized banking solutions are capable of easing the banking process as a whole. Finacus is recognized for ensuring maximum procedural satisfaction to the customers.

Future Development for Customer Satisfaction
Finacus has recently ventured into VideoKYC, WhatsApp Banking and Chatbot. The Video KYC solution automates the customer on-boarding process for a bank using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies. Using WhatsApp Banking or a Chatbot banks have an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction levels by giving them a mode of convenient banking. These solutions reduce process times and resource requirements, which eventually help in bringing down the operational costs.