CMS IT Services: Transforming Banks, Transforming Banking

CIO Vendor Gone are the days, when banks were haunted by conventional robberies, wherein robbers rushed in with arms and weaponry and left with a bag full of cash. Modern-day banks are well fortified and protected today, making it increasingly difficult for conventional robbers to physically scale their massive security features. However, the advancements in technology and the rising innovation therein, heists are also going Digital. Welcome to the dark and unholy recesses of cybercrime!

The BFSI sector around the globe is still weighed down with the constant thrust of cyber onslaughts where notorious masterminds stealthily carry out hi-tech breaches, heists, invasions, data thefts, etc. that result in a tremendous financial loss every year. Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that cybercrime would cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Under the weight of the pandemic, like every other industry, the BFSI sector too has witnessed a digital revamping in its various operations and processes. This has made the banks and payment companies an official choice of prey for the countless swarms of highly skilful and technologically enrichedcyber miscreants that utilize the latest innovations. The need of the hour encompasses not just a state-of-the-art cyber security architecture and framework, but a highly experienced and unerring specialist at that.

Based out of Bengaluru, CMS IT Services is one of the oldest original premiere BFSI solutions and services providers in the country known for its high quality, end-to-end IT infrastructure services. With extensive experience in managing complex IT implementation projects and integration of emerging technologies in a dynamic environment, CMS IT partners with leading IT vendors across domains such as IBM, Senseforth, Automation Anywhere, Trend Micro, Smokescreen, Microsoft, VMware, RSA, McAfee, etc.

More so, CMS IT Services has a deep experience of supporting top Banking and Financial Services organizations. The organization’s learnings span across horizontals of Commercial Banking, other Lending Institutions, Small Finance Banks, Insurance and Financial Investment services. CMS IT leads the technology change for its customers across technology towers of Cloud, Infrastructure Services, Cyber Security and Digital. The firm’s BFSI Center of Excellence is focussed on leveraging its deep domain & technology expertise and establishing leading industry practices.

CMS IT’s COE supports the firm through the customer value cycle, through the buying and decision-making process, all the way to engagement. Best practices are vetted and continuously improved upon by a leading industry leader that is helping with the initiative. Industry expertise across BFSI with multiple technologies has helped CMS IT institutionalize practices and update the same based on its engagements. The key benefits delivered by the COE are: Digitally-driven Operational Excellence, Functional Virtual Assistants, Integrated Solutions / API Frameworks, Cloud Migration Platforms, Automation Solutions @ Every Layer of IT, etc.

The Defensible Cybersecurity Framework
CMS IT Services’ Defensible Cybersecurity has made a remarkable reputation as an umbrella service for everything cyber security. Pulling inspiration from the New York Cyber Task Force at Columbia University SIPA, titled “Building a Defensible Cyberspace”, the Defensible Cybersecurity framework is a holistic approach to address cybersecurity challenges, aligned to the context of business, addressing systemic issues, challenges, and stakeholder requirements.

It is designed to handle constant change while consistently improving operational controls, and at the same time, address cybersecurity risks for both traditional & digital businesses and their supply chains. Defensible Cybersecurity helps enterprises to manage their cybersecurity challenges, with higher technology maturity using fine-grained operational controls to optimize risks while ensuring compliance with competency aligned to ensure changes are appropriately managed.

“This chiselled program focuses on the key business processes of an organization and secures them, rather than trying to harden every piece of hardware, without really keeping in view the business context”, says Anuj Vaid, Executive Director, CMS IT Services.

CMS IT Services paid special attention to what would really suit the India market. Therefore, instead of simply going by the established reports in Analyst Reports, the company carefully built an ensemble of essential solutions that would accurately address the Indian business’ pain points.

The Defensible Cybersecurity solution, therefore, stands on three key pillars- Protect, Detect and Respond. The CMS IT Services Protect Portfolio is designed to thwart Threat Actor motivation and capability, reduce vulnerabilities in systems and facilities, and reduce the impact of cyber-attacks. Irrespective of who seeks access – all valid users and conversely all perpetrators must cross a series of protection layers across the IT infrastructure. All of CMS IT’s solutions are designed to address the requirements of this protection.

The second pillar, the Detect portfolio, is designed to support threat detection, compliance and security incident management through the collection and analysis (both near real time and historical) of security events, as well as a wide variety of other event and contextual data sources. CMS IT Services Response Portfolio follows a structured methodology for handling security incidents, breaches, and cyber threats. CMS IT Services helps clients to plan for, implement, audit, and continuously improve cybersecurity response, through detailed exercises.

The three pillars or portfolios or towersare meticulously embedded not just in the Defensible Cybersecurity program but also in the i3C, which is discussed further below.

Integrated Cybersecurity Command Center (I3C)
CMS IT Services further takes the cybersecurity advancements a notch higher by introducing the Integrated Cybersecurity Command Center (i3C), wherein multiple technologies are brought together under one umbrella. Customers can expand their cybersecurity management landscape very comfortably without much pressure of multiple vendors, multiple solutions etc. With technologies and attributes like complex tools, strict processes, superfast robotic analysts, and experienced human security analysts, providing real-time and actionable intelligence, the i3C is
facilitating clients to Detect and Respond to threats as they design and build cybersecurity protection.

The SOC model is realigning itself from a traditional approach that included a high barrier to entry with significant upfront investment costs, and heavily priced training programs, to the next generation of SOC services. Flexible pricing, speedy on-boarding, and on-demand access to high-quality & qualified talent is the picture of a new generation of SOC services.

At CMS IT Services, the Detect, Protect and Respond portfolios are enhanced by the facilitation of a world-class Integrated Cybersecurity Command Center (I3C). The technologies & attributes as mentioned earlier, at the core of the I3C, enable customers to reap real-time and actionable intelligence. At the I3C, oversight of cybersecurity is not only at the computing level but also extends to activities at endpoints, in sandboxes and on the cloud. I3C activities range from simple CyberSecOps (Cybersecurity Operations) to complete breach management.

Human and robotic analysts work in an integrated manner that attempts to ensure that the human elements are focused upon the key risk indicators, while robotic analysts can focus on the performance. Some of the features of the i3C include Defensible Governance, Threat Intelligence, Contextualization, Automation, Playbooks & Runbooks, and Mitre ATT & CK. “i3C is a uniquely designed service package due to it technologically advanced skeleton, low costs associated with its implementation, and the speed of deployment”, explains Anuj.

Managed Services
CMS IT displays special expertise in Managed Services and System Integration. Through its services, CMS IT sends a message to its customers that as the programs are transformed and those programs settle in, they need to very quickly move into a Managed Services rhythm. Failing which, the business will incur huge costs and continue todeepen spend. CMS IT has an exceptional mechanism where the foundational managed services are very strong. The firm can construct any program from the inception itself to mould it into a service-based program. Thus, allowing the program to merge with the managed service play in no time and carry through business as usual without too much pressure or overhead on the customer organization.

CMS IT’s Managed Services offers best-in-class Digitally Driven Operational Excellence, IT responsiveness, higher resource utilization and economic flexibility to organizations. The portfolio of services is so designed to span the entire infrastructure lifecycle, encompassing data-centre management, infrastructure consulting, enterprise networking, end-user computing, enterprise security, IT infrastructure operations management and transformation services. CMS IT’s smart infrastructure management is future ready, adopts best practices and is scalable to suit specific business needs, across Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail and Healthcare industries.

Robotic Process Automation And Cloud Capabilities
Companies in the hyper competitive world need to continuously seek efficiency growth. CMS IT’s Shared Service Centre for delivery, where remote delivery capabilities are incorporated, thereby making the adoption of automation, cost effective and quick.

CMS IT Services’ defensible cybersecurity has made a remarkable reputation as an umbrella service for everything cyber security

Cloud Transformation (Applications & Infrastructure) is a powerful capability from CMS IT Services, powered by a team of cloud experts who have carried out legacy migrations for major globally reputed organizations. With its specialized solutions, the migrations are quick, risk-free and template driven.

CMS IT offers a whole spectrum of solutions standing as a phenomenal partner. “We are the best

when it comes to a combination of delivery capability and the ability to personalize solutions for the customers”, adds Anuj.

A Conjuncture Of Experience & Agility
Speaking on one of the most crucial pillars of any successful organization, i.e. the People, Anuj says, “I think one of the most critical things for success this year has been the combination of deep experience and the agility that comes from young blood or millennials and their embrace of latest technologies. That drives the change. At CMS IT, we have been able to combine the two aspects phenomenally”. Even in testing times, brought upon by the pandemic or slower economic growth, CMS IT Services, as an organization has shown remarkable stability in terms of the people and leadership. Anuj further adds, “We aren’t looking to be tactical with our people. We are strategic, long-term focused, and mission-driven.”

Future Is CMS IT 4.0
CMS IT Services has now embarked on a journey called CMS IT 4.0. The idea is to bring resolve customer challenges in rapidly adopting new technologies and gain advantage. .More so, CMS IT 4.0 will also be about making information exchange seamless, leading to a faster gain and quicker value creation in the client’s enterprise. “Our technology recommendations to customer are driven with deep personalization and value creation at their core”, concludes Anuj.

Anuj Vaid, Executive Director
Anuj Vaid brings in years of experience in the BFSI segment. As the Executive Director at CMS IT Services, Anuj is responsible for executing CMS IT’s strategic agenda and contributes to the entire revenue generation chain. His role spans strategy development, practice leadership, sales enablement, delivery, and ecosystem partnerships. He is keenly involved in creating positive outcomes with latest technologies such as Cloud, AI / ML, BOTs, IoT, etc.

Anuj has been an innovation-focused, transformative growth leader throughout his 25-year career, having made market changing contributions at firms in USA, India & Middle East. He has a stellar record of turning company portfolios into high value outcomes, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and partnering with business, industry, and government leaders.