Genesis Software - Setting up Bond Trading and Dues Recovery Division with Ease

CIO Vendor The bond market plays an important role in fund raising. Even though the bond market has immense potential, the challenge lies in providing automated quotes and integrated deal management system. It is because, getting bond quotes involves complex pricing policies and most information is available only through higher level tools that are not accessible to the average investor. “Few key points have to be first understood to arrive at the quote, such as perpetual, staggered maturities, fixed tenure, step up coupon or compound coupon etc.” explains Amisha Ajmera, CEO and Founder of Genesis Software.
To ease the management of bonds, Genesis Software has developed a debt management package comprising of quote management system and deal management system. Since its inception in 1997, the company has been focusing on bond market and has gained deep expertise in it. Genesis Software understands the complete structure of the working of Bond Market and can help any bank or financial institution in establishing a bond trading division instantly. The company’s proprietary product - ‘eInstaDeal’ software has been developed to provide comprehensive dealing facility for the retail bond market, wholesale bond market and merchant bond market. “eInstaDeal software enables admin to give access to different modules of the software according the user’s role. eInstaDeal’s proprietary logic also helps in easy transition of retail bond house to a wholesale bond or even merchant banking bond house,” adds Amisha. To keep the track of bonds, eInstadeal system empowers organizations and financial institutions to track and report the performance of bonds, accounts and trade order details.
Another unique selling proposition of Genesis Software is its Dues Recovery Software - Effi-Call. To help a telecaller make intelligent decisions on the path of dues recovery, Effi-Call is useful. “Effi-Call tremendously improves the efficiency of the Telecaller, reduces manual errors and repetitive work is avoided as the whole process of recovery is system based,” points out Amisha. She further briefs that Effi-Call has been developed after consultation from financial advisors and bank professionals. It is especially made for the Recovery Agents to help them avoid the hassles of debt recovery process, mainly pertaining to the Corporate or Retail Loans. Apart from providing finance management software solutions, Genesis Software also provides ERP Solutions for SMEs, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Genesis Software has developed a debt management package comprising of quote management system and deal management system

Amisha believes that in the future, most of the basic financial and ERP functions will be from mobile applications. “Payment gateways and mobile apps are the disruptive technology which can change the complete landscape of how banks and financial institutions will work,” she adds. With regards to Indian bond market, system based verification and dues recovery; Amisha considers India as an entrant. “Down the years, when India would become the third largest economy, the bond market will evolve and we at Genesis Software would definitely be a part of it,” Amisha concludes.