Alackrity Consols: Creating Strong and Resilient IT Eco-systems

CIOReview Team

Alackrity Consols Pvt. Ltd. has for the last 10 years been in the business of medium & large IT Eco-system space with PAN India install base, growing organically. Most of these projects have been in the areas of creating strong resilient IT eco-systems involving creation of Telecom & IT infrastructure platforms for the roll out of core services in metros and rural areas. “We have been instrumental in creating out of the box IT enabled business solutions for Education, Healthcare, Homeland Security, e-Governance, BFSI, Rural banking & Co-operative verticals and critical communication platforms for development of rural India for complex application deliveries,” says Madan Mohan Shanmugam, Managing Director, Alackrity Consols.

About two years ago, Alackrity team decided to take a fresh look at rural India. The timing and alignment of this coincided with the strong focus on Rural & Macro Economy enablement initiatives taken by the Govt. of India, opening doors for enormous opportunities, still nascent and untapped. With the challenge of basic telecom and power infrastructure availability in rural areas, the next wave, Alackrity believes, is in embracing emerging technologies and architectures to harness the capability of the legacy infrastructure. “Unless there is a market place planned and created specifically for rural India, the dissemination of services and empowerment of rural India will still remain a challenge for consolidated roll outs”, adds Madan.

Team Alackrity reckons that the BFSI sector holds the key for creating a sustainable business platform, both in matured and nascent rural markets across the globe. Madan believes empowering the rural banking sector by way of accelerated customer acquisition is the way forward.

For this to happen it is imperative to consolidate BSFI services over a flexible technology platform that will allow dynamic & competitive banking products offered in the market to enhance customer experience. Accelerated customer acquisition via improved reach and exposure to the so far unknown markets becomes a reality. Hence, the end user convenience becomes a catalyst that will open other areas too.

Alackrity Consols’ time tested designs and roll outs for high power compute for Global Fund Management companies, with the experience in deploying solutions for trading & banking that require resiliant and low latencies, have given the confidence to stride on to more challenging domestic rural turf. The company has walked the talk successfully by rolling out Banks-on-wheels enabled with CBS (Core Banking Solution) in rural Karnataka for the past six years.

Alackrity has created a flexible platform to integrate PACS (Primary Agricultural Credit Co-operative Societies) operations to respective DCC Banks and enabled seamless operation of critical transactions using KCC (Kissan Credit Cards) platform on handheld devices (PoS , tablets and smart phones) under Financial Inclusion project. “Cohesive Strengths across Telecom, IT Infrastructure and Software Architecture for Application development and deployment are the key reasons making Alackrity a customer’s choice in the market” says Madan.

Banking as a sector holds the key for many other services that will enable rural India to take the leap forward in self governance and roll out of government sponsored inclusion services. Banking by itself acts as a trigger for commodities trading, Insurance information dissemination, life saving timely healthcare and local government bodies’ service alignment for a collaborative environment which propelled Alackrity’s effort in developing PACSoft. The ground up banking application PACSoft is an accounting, banking and trading platform for PACS on SaaS model over private cloud for collaborative business transactions (banking and trading) between the members, PACS, District central co-operative banks, State Apex banks, RCS, NABARD and other relevant government bodies across the country.

PACSoft is unlike traditional off the shelf applications where adoption has been slow on account of bottlenecks such as High cost of implementation, longer tenure of RoI, Inability of the applications to address the actual use cases, mounting cost of customisation and implementation, Inability to work in a heterogeneous environment and deviation from compliance & process practices of common accounting systems.

In the age of end user applications demanding high processing capacity and bandwidth, access platforms often choke on account of high contention ratio. Alackrity’s approach model addresses the rural market with an Application and System engineered with the underlined factor of being light weighted and being able to operate with minimal processing resources, access bandwidth requirements, as available on challenged end customer geography.

Alackrity has focused on business process adherence through Compliance, Integrity through security, Service Model delivery through affordability with quality assurance on Cloud, Mobility, SaaS and IaaS business models. The company looks at a cohesive and collaborative model of service delivery where third party applications can plug into the same eco-system and therefore enrich the service availability for rural India. This allows for domain experts to enrich and enhance the system making the costs of delivery lower as the time progresses.

To ensure that this dream is converted to a reality, Alackrity continues to pursue upcoming business needs in rural BFSI market place. These initiatives are around areas of digital documentation & work flow processing, dynamic report engines, data mining and business intelligence.

Alackrity’s vision for the future is to customise and homologate its Applications, Products and Services for overseas opportunities, using its strong experience of homologation of emerging technologies onto legacy Indian markets. The organization plans to jumpstart the overseas activities through partnership for accelerated growth.

Moving a notch up, with the BFSI and peripheral services, Alackrity is spreading its wings rapidly into e-commerce domain enabling business empowerment to traditional SMB retail segments countering the encroachment of net / online shopping wave. The firm is heavily investing its intellectual and financial resources in creating a business model for cashless, cardless, internet and geography independent purchase platform which also aligns to its healthcare concepts and initiatives.

The other areas that Alackrity is pursuing are around making Health care information system available on collaborative cloud platform with the quality commonly available at both urban and extremely challenged rural geography.

Homeland Security has been a passion area of Alackrity for the past eight years, evolved and blossomed readily adaptable on e-collaboration platform. This would be a paradigm shift in city management system by various government agencies to harness the efficiency of available resources and to address the widely talked about DMS initiatives. The USP would be the alignment of technology to work process in service deliverables with maximum ease and simplicity.

At Alackrity, they understand that the prime challenge would be to win customer credibility as their solutions are unlike any available in domestic market, the strategy to address the challenge are to run real time on-field indisputable PoC’s for customer experiences.

Not to have all its eggs in a single basket and to have diversified business practices, Alackrity is at the brink of unleashing its e-commerce retail mobile applications which it strongly believes will be a trend setter in user experiences in day to day financial transactions.

Alackrity’s strategy is to create an inclusive operating model which allows quicker and faster adoption of its service offerings by various market segments. The paramount consideration during product engineering is to ensure commercial viability through open source practices, feasibility and availability of services at challenged geographies through heterogeneous access platforms.

Thinking unconventional concepts for newer customer engagements, experiences thereby building consolidated business domain platforms is Alackrity’s core vision and as a spin off effect, it aligns its vision to the customers’ to gain immense domain expertise on the ever evolving Business needs, Models, Goals, Expectations, Targets and Expansion strategies of the customer over years of association and alignment. Madan says that “these are better days to size up the teams for larger business programs and for focussing on increasing valuations.

The Eco-system and the market space have responded positively towards Alackrity’s strategies and business plans. The testimony for this, is the recognition by APEA awarding Mr. Madan Mohan Shanmugham “Most Promising Entrepreneur – 2015 Asia Pacific”.

People have been the key to Alackrity’s success. In quest for high performance work culture, Alackrity’s Philosophy for people has remained successful over the years of following RPH (Revenue per head) over conventional battle for head count in the trade. Thereby recognition of key talent, encouragement in cross domain involvement & elated job satisfaction within the system becomes a natural flow. That being said it is business as usual for the Alackrity team in exceeding expectation.

Madan believes
“The recognition by APEA has peaked our aspirations to set higher standard for our self-inspired fresh wave of confidence for global business engagements. For the team, it has re-enforced the belief that thinking ahead and thinking unconventional will help the organisation to unlock opportunities and business engagements, until now unknown, to bring in value to its customers and thus give a whole lot of meaning of where we should be”.

Programs – Cruising forward
“To increase the number of programs for business enhancement and reach onto business domain spaces both domestic and global.
The company focus will always be around creating a unique customer experience - therefore being agile from a planning perspective and execution standpoint is the way forward. We believe that the market response is the best way to validate and correct ourselves in our journey as a company.

Advice to the Team
Harness business opportunities with the knowledge gained by our work. Acknowledge our shortcomings and learn from them.
Business avenues are never linear - therefore work around and beyond the periphery, have the ability to learn and unlearn, constantly be able to work out of comfort zone which will be the key to expanding to other business domain. The way to move forward in making the visions come true is by placing yourself in the future, looking back at today of what needs to be done in order to reach the vision.